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What is branding?

Think of it as your very own personal ad. Like any good ad, branding is all about first impressions. Your brand should tell a story. A story that invokes real emotion and leaves the viewer wanting more.

Every story begins with the storyteller. That’s where we come in. We’re an experienced team of designers, developers, copywriters and social media gurus striving to build a more conscious future. We’re passionate about helping clients find and tell their stories to the people who matter most.

Whether you’re building a brand for the first time or looking to give it a facelift, we can customize a package to fit your needs. We’ll target the right audience, clearly define your goals and tell your story. Most importantly, together, we will help your personal vision find its own unique voice.

Are you ready to tell your story?

(If so, how about dropping me a line and telling me about you.)

Award-Winning Designs

38 North Solutions
Urban Advantage
Mama Love
Advanced Management Energy Alliance
Welcome Home
Chester River Wine and Cheese Company
U Plan Me
Elizabeth Greenspan
Fit Life
NIP Group
Life In Balance
The Cook and the Cork
The Suite Life
SoLi Fitness
Healthy Ventures
Nucleus 2017
Coalition for Community Solar Access
Vale Insurance
Patricia Pearce
Deal City
Case Study: Firefly
Case Study: EMI
Case Study: Chester River
Case Study: CCRA
Case Study: Groothie

Recent Press

"The ability to toe the line between two worlds – to code switch between the woo-woo and the J.Crew – is what makes Jackie great at her job. She is in many ways a translator. Her clients come with a feeling or an idea they want to express, and it is her job to manifest it through the language of images, color, texture and fonts."
-- Justine Haemmerli
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Justine Haemmerli

“She is clear, direct, patient, firm, a great listener, open-minded, and artistically dexterous.”

Justine Haemmerli
Founder & Director

Lawrie Graves Bolger

“I’ve worked with Jackie since 2012 on projects ranging from simple to complex, multi-channel campaigns across a variety of industries.”

Lawrie Graves Bolger
Client Services Director
Vertibrands Marketing

Lisa Maguire

“Jackie has been a wonderful asset. She is creative, professional, and easy to work with.”

Lisa Maguire

Suzanne Lanza

“Jackie is such a sweet, thoughtful human that she helps to add a peaceful, uplifting energy to the projects she works on.”

Suzanne Lanza
Business Development and Creative Partnerships
The Firefly

Allyson Groff

“Our team did not have a clear vision, but after several brainstorm and design sessions, Jackie took our ideas and ran.”

Allyson Groff
Senior Associate
QGA Public Affairs

Michelle Vroom

“She is well-versed in helping small businesses and startups find their “visual voice” and her work is always top-notch.”

Michelle Vroom
Vroom Communications

Derrick D. Johnson

“She helped put me at ease with her comfortable style of assistance and led me to figure out exactly what I was trying to convey with the logo and color scheme.”

Derrick D. Johnson
SoLi Fitness LLC